Project Detail

Laurel Lane Bridge over Mount Hope River

Laurel Lane Bridge

Mansfield, CT

The existing Laurel Lane Bridge does not meet AASHTO load rating and
is hydraulically inadequate. The new bridge is a single span prestressed
concrete integral abutment system with open railing and a slightly
raised profile. The new structure provides improved hydraulic capacity,
aesthetics and functionality for the Town. GM2’s role includes providing
public hearings, survey, structure design, roadway engineering, load
rating, hydraulics and scour. The road profile was raised to minimize
frequent flooding. In addition GM2 prepared all of the federal, state and
local permits, including the 401/404 permits for water quality, Conditional
Letter of Map Revision required for unavoidable impacts to the regulated
floodway, coordinated with DEP fisheries and managed the soil scientists
and biologists. In addition, this project was one of the first projects to be
submitted under the Memorandum of Understanding.

*This project was funded under the Federal – Local Bridge Program.