Project Detail

Replacement of Bridge #00047 Old Kings Highway Over I-95

retouched bridge

Darien, CT

GM2 Associates, is currently performing the design for the
replacement of Bridge No. 00047, which is a two-span, continuous,
steel beam bridge, with a total length of about 125’ which carries Old
Kings Highway North #1 over Interstate 95 in the Town of Darien,
CT. The proposed design is a superstructure replacement with
substructure modifications that is being designed to be replaced
utilizing accelerated bridge construction techniques. Prefabricated
bridge units comprised of a concrete deck on steel beams with a
semi-integral backwall will be used to replace the superstructure with
minimal closures on I-95 below the bridge. The design also features
the use of a link-slab system to eliminate joints at the pier.
Estimated Project Value: $4 Million.