GM2 is a Small/Minority Owned Business with offices in Hartford, CT, Glastonbury, CT, and Concord, NH. Our staff includes professional engineers engaged in structural design, site/civil design, hydraulics and drainage, bridge and structure inspections, environmental permitting, traffic engineering, roadway design, Topo boundary surveys, construction surveys and construction inspection administration. GM2 has significant vertical and horizontal design experience, performing special inspections and resident engineer services. Our site/civil group provides complete design including all stormwater and sewer design, grading, parking lot, sidewalk, roadway design, and utility coordination. GM2 has built up a construction management group over the years, which now includes highly experienced resident engineers and inspectors. GM2 has strong capabilities in hydrology, hydraulic modeling, scour analysis, flood plain mapping, and regulatory permitting. GM2 also provides state-of-the-art land surveying expertise throughout New England.

GM2 was founded in 1988 and has established itself as a client oriented firm. This has been achieved by understanding our client’s goals and developing cost effective solutions to meet the assignment objectives. During our twenty-five years of providing transportation services we have primarily served government clients including numerous municipalities, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, The New Hampshire Department of Transportation, the Maine Department of Transportation and other state and local agencies throughout the Northeast. Our unconditional commitment to clients, successful completion of projects without litigation/claims, providing high quality services, and meeting or exceeding project goals are the reasons for our success.