Bridge & Structure Inspection

GM2’s inspection teams have demonstrated experience in providing bridge inspections and engineering services in accordance with NBIS and AASHTO criteria for ConnDOT, MassDOT and RIDOT. A successful completion of inspection requires careful planning and scheduling and all our team leaders are thoughtful and experienced in these requirements. They have a proven track record of document review, coordination, types of inspections and detailed knowledge of inspection procedures as laid out in Chapter 5 of the ConnDOT Bridge Inspection Manual. They also have prepared and submitted hundreds of reports to the Department and are familiar with the various forms such as the BRI-10, BRI-12, BRI-18, BRI-19, BRI-25 and others. Team leaders are also very familiar in inspection and evaluation of all the components of the bridges according to the Condition Evaluation Procedures as described in Chapter 6 of the ConnDOT Bridge Inspection Manual. Our experience includes but is not limited to overlays, timber, metal and concrete decks, expansion joints and other elements. The superstructure and substructure inspections included concrete slabs, T-beams, rigid frames, arches, multi-girders, abutments, piers and wingwalls. Inspection of culverts of different types (as per FHWA-IP-86-2, Culvert Inspection Manual and Appendices 6.5 and 6.7 of ConnDOT BIM) is a specialty of our teams as they have demonstrated during the inspection of various town owned structures in the Towns of Greenwich, Enfield and other towns included in ConnDOT Project No. 170-3013