Construction Services

GM2 has built up a construction management group over the years, which now includes twenty-five highly experienced resident engineers, inspectors, estimators, and schedulers. Our management teams can range from a single site supervisor to a staff over ten that could include project engineers, resident engineers, project managers, schedulers and cost controllers. GM2’s Quality Control Inspectors have completed the USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors Training, and OSHA thirty hour training. GM2’s construction staff is familiar with State, Federal and Municipalities submittal requirements during construction.

GM2 Associates, Inc. provides reliable, expert construction inspection for municipalities, state agencies, and private developers. The inspection staff is supported by dedicated office engineers who themselves are expert inspectors in their own right. GM2 takes inspection very seriously, by recognizing that its staff and the firm have the responsibility of acting as the agent for the client on many of its assignments. Likewise, on municipal projects, GM2 is counted on to ensure that bridges and roads are built in accordance with contract plans and specifications and meet Federal and State Regulations. GM2 has developed a hard-earned reputation for Quality Inspection.