Roadway & Traffic Design

GM2 has provided road and highway design since its inception. GM2’s staff has successfully completed all types of highway design assignments ranging from multi-million dollar new roadway and interchange designs to intersection safety improvement projects. Our highway design group is well versed in the requirements of geometric layout for local roads and complex interchanges, intersection capacity techniques required to develop lane arrangements and storage length requirements at signalized intersections, the needs of pedestrians and handicapped individuals, the design requirements for different design vehicles, traffic calming techniques, and drainage requirements. This knowledge results in designs that are context sensitive, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. GM2 offers a seasoned highway design staff with experience that includes both highway design and site design projects.

GM2 has developed a strong reputation in the areas of traffic signal design, maintenance and protection of traffic plans, State Traffic Authority permitting, and traffic counts. GM2 conducts in-depth traffic analysis with Synchro and SimTraffic. Our traffic engineers provide economic solutions to complex projects on schedule, using over forty years of proven experience.