Deena P. Artist, BA, MBA
Technology & Communications Manager

Ms. Artist is new to the field of engineering, having worked in telecommunications for 6 years prior.  She worked in the field of human and social services after coming to receive her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and double-majored in Sociology, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2013.  She recently completed her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources, graduating October of 2019.  During her tenure in telecom, she rose through the ranks, mastering communication and using passions both for working with and helping people and for technology.  Today, her work with GM2 engages those passions, as she strives to improve the company's work flow processes, technology, communications, social media, and corporate website.  She looks forward to the expansion of her role into Public Outreach, which will allow her to make use of her extensive experience (over 16 years) engaging with the public.  In her leisure time, she enjoys road trips, travel, and food-blogging, especially with her daughter.


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