Lawrence Russ, Esq
General Counsel / Director of Risk Management Services

Lawrence Russ is the General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Director of Risk Management Services for GM2.  In addition to his legal training, he has professional training and experience as a writer and teacher of writing (with awards and numerous publications), from which all of his legal work benefits.  For 28 of the 30+ years (1986-2017) that he worked for the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General, his primary service was as the chief construction counsel for the Connecticut DOT.  During those years, he was probably the most influential attorney in Connecticut in the field of public construction law:  through his initiation, drafting, and successful campaigning for the major overhaul of the Connecticut Construction Claims Statute (CGS 4-61) in 1990-92; through his victories in the Connecticut Supreme Court in seminal cases such as the 1991 and 1997 White Oak decisions, and the 1996 and 1999 Peabody decisions; and through his administrative reforms and other work as legal counsel to ConnDOT’s Standard Specifications Committee, as ConnDOT’s legal counsel on almost every bidding and construction claims matter for more than two decades, as the lead investigator in various matters of import to the State, and as one of the closest advisers to six different ConnDOT Commissioners, from three different political parties.


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