Richard T. Geikie, SMCE
Director of Water Resources

Richard Geikie, SMCE, is GM2’s Director of Water Resources.  His professional experience includes specialization in hydrologic, hydraulic, and scour engineering for bridge and stream channel design in both inland and tidal environments.  Mr. Geikie has over 30 years of experience in both the programming and the use of computer application software for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis.  In 20 years as CTDOT Hydraulic Consultant Liaison Engineer, he directed, performed, or approved the hydrologic, hydraulic, scour analyses and type studies for approximately 250 state and municipal bridges.  In this role, he also provided NEPA environmental documentation, prepared or approved all federal, state, and local environmental permits, and made regular project presentations to federal, state and municipal agencies.  Richard oversees all of these activities for GM2 and is a great teacher of this specialized engineering discipline.


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