Manish K. Gupta, PE, PhD  |  President, CEO

Our Vision & Moving Forward

GM2 President and CEO Manish K. Gupta:

“My father’s goals and ideals for GM2, as well as his business accomplishments, are the foundation of our company and central to our corporate vision – for which we owe him our gratitude.  Going forward, we aim to continue our operational and financial growth, while preserving what distinguishes our company.  At the same time, we aim to grow in creativity, too, finding new ways to carry out our professional missions.  In all that we do, we intend to honor our belief that no enterprise truly thrives if it fails to treat people as they should be treated, or if it compromises the quality of its professional work. 


Our Mission & Heritage

GM2 was founded in 1988 by Madan M. Gupta, and ever since then, GM2 has pursued Madan’s central goals:  to deliver engineering solutions shaped by an unwavering commitment to excellence, and to strive for the fulfillment of our clients’ plans and the success of their projects.  We have always kept in mind that “serve” is the root of “services.” 

At GM2, from our first consideration of a project, we want to know not only what is required of us, but what more we might achieve to benefit our client.  We make certain that we know our client's wishes as the job progresses, and we thrive on collaboration, creating strong partnerships on each of our projects. 

Over the years, we have built a talented and experienced team that includes professionals who were noted leaders in their fields even before they joined our company.  In 2018, after his father Madan's retirement, Manish K. Gupta took the roles of GM2’s President, Director, and CEO.  When he was asked by a competitor what the secret to GM2’s growing success has been, his first response was simply:  “People.”  We have strength in our leadership and in our roster of supporting personnel, and we join that with the strengths of our partners and our clients.

Building trust is a key to shared success, and we achieve that by delivering what we promise, with intelligent management; with a high regard for the needs and goals of those with whom we work and those for whom we work; and with concern for the quality of our communications with each of those parties.



Core Values 


We demand honesty and professional integrity from ourselves, not only in our dealings within GM2, but in our dealings with professionals and businesses with whom we partner, and in our dealings with clients whom we commit to serve.  We believe that this is a matter not only of moral, but of practical wisdom.

Technical Excellence

The hallmarks of our professional work include:  precise application of skill and knowledge; innovation for the sake of efficiency and effectiveness; and dedication to the highest standards of quality control, even when it tempers the pursuit of profit.

Client Satisfaction

We devote ourselves to understanding and pursuing, in detail and in depth, the goals of our clients.  And we recognize that regular and effective communication is essential to achieving those goals.  We recognize the value not only of asking questions, but of listening closely and respectfully to their answers.


GM2 places tremendous importance on the safety of our workers and of all other people affected by our work.  In the field and in the office, we insist on the exercise of care, good sense, and adherence to all State and Federal safety guidelines, to protect the well-being of all.

Growth and Diversity

GM2 works to maintain an environment in which the dignity of all individuals is honored.  Especially since our company, in its earlier years, was itself a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, we understand how self-defeating it is for entities to deprive themselves of talent, skill and opportunity by rejecting people because of their gender, religion, or ethnic heritage.


We value our humaneness, our humanity.  We value the off-hour engagement of our employees with their families, religions, charities, social causes, cultural passions and other pursuits.  And we take time to relate to each other just as people, apart from our business goals.

“When GM2 works for you, you have a partner whose people see their work's importance in the context of yours." 
Madan Gupta, PE  |  Founder, GM2 Associates, Inc.