Manish K. Gupta, PE, PhD  |  President, CEO

Our Vision 

It is my father’s legacy to provide the best engineering solutions and the execution of them with great effectiveness.  This will always remain our Vision. - Manish Gupta


Our Mission

Since its founding by my father (Madan Gupta) in 1988, GM2 has provided engineering solutions with a commitment to excellence and the success of our clients’ projects. 

Our mission is to define success at the very start of a project and then deliver it.  With a genuine desire for collaboration, we adopt our clients' goals as our own, creating strong partnerships for every transportation engineering project we undertake. 

We have built a seasoned and capable team at GM2. With our accessible top leadership and bench strength, we synergistically integrate with our clients' and collaborative partners.  Building trust is key to partnerships: we expertly manage our team with extensive resources; we’re committed to providing a high level of communication and coordination; and reliably and dutifully carry out the policies and procedures of our client.



Core Values 

Integrity. GM2 maintains an atmosphere where the honesty and dignity of individuals is valued from within and with teaming partners and clients, alike.

Technical Excellence. GM2 designs with precision, utilizes innovation approaches and is consistent in quality control.

Client Satisfaction. GM2 performs efficiently, maintains awareness of client goals and is responsive to result-oriented services.

Safety. GM2 maintains the highest priority of safety; adhering to all State and Federal guidelines for the wellbeing of all.

Growth. GM2 constantly seeks to develop our company in assessing business needs and procuring a diverse and exemplary workforce.

Family. The GM2 community is engaged, supportive, and intertwined; constantly learning how to be our best selves, together.

“When GM2 works for you, you will have a partner who understands the importance of our work within the context of yours." 
Madan Gupta, PE  |  Founder, GM2 Associates, Inc.