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W.C. Cammett Engineering Joins GM2 Associates (2)

January 1st, 2019

We at GM2 take pleasure in announcing our acquisition of the personnel and other assets of W.C. Cammett Engineering, Inc. of Amesbury, MA.  This acquisition provides GM2’s clients with an even greater pool of engineering and planning talent than we possessed before.  The acquisition also provides GM2 with greater abilities to provide exemplary engineering services to clients in Massachusetts, enhancing our standing as a Northeast regional company. 

From 1978, Cammett has provided civil and environmental engineering, planning, surveying and permitting services to a variety of local and regional clients, with a record of strong community support that is well-known and admired in the Amesbury area.  All of that fine work will continue as before.  But now, augmented by GM2’s full range of engineering expertise and the strength of its resources, the Cammett staff will be able to serve even better both their existing clients and a range of potential new clients -- as a part of GM2, doing business under the name and logo of GM2/CE.

The hallmarks of both GM2 and Cammett Engineering have always been the high value placed on the quality of services, and the priority given to meeting every client’s needs.  We are pleased and proud to have brought into the GM2 family a team of people as fine, both professionally and personally, as the Cammett engineers have proven themselves to be.

GM2 was founded 30 years ago in the basement of Madan Gupta, the father of our current President, Manish Gupta.  Our company has been growing ever since, in the types of projects that we are capable of performing, in the territories in which we offer our services, and in the size and varied abilities of our professional staff.  With the recent addition of the Cammett firm’s resources, we have added the Amesbury, Massachusetts office to our headquarters in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and our offices in Concord, New Hampshire, and Providence, Rhode Island.  With the addition of the Cammett staff, the size of our roster has grown to 90 employees.  And the project contracts that we have won continue to grow in size and complexity.  Still, given our aims and our determination, we believe that we can look forward to even more professional and financial progress in the years ahead.

For more information about Cammett, visit www.Cammett.com.

Interesting Facts about W.C. Cammett Engineering:

•They support a number Community Organizations including The Amesbury Educational Foundation, The Boston Children's Hospital, Our Neighbors' Table, The Fireball Run, Amesbury Community Christmas Tree and more...

•They recently designed a "living wall", created on site in West Newbury, MA to maintain the appearance of natural environment that keeps allows the area to be "one with nature"; take a look at the video below.





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