Pease Army Reserve Center


Town of Portsmouth

Construction Cost:

$6.4 Million

Key Facts
  • Drainage Design Services
  • Specification Development
  • Site & Civil Design
  • 20,000 SF Design Build project

GM2 Engineers recently completed this Design Build project. This includes a main building to accommodate a 100 member 20,000 sf. reserve unit with a separate 600sf Cold Storage building. Both the buildings and site were required to address ATF requirement standards. The project is designed to LEED Silver specifications, included an arms vault, classrooms, kitchen, assembly hall, and administrative offices. Supporting Facilities include parking space for military and privately owned vehicles, general site improvements and extension of utilities to serve the project. ADA compliant. Special attention was paid to provide a warm and welcoming environment, flexible training space, and consideration to local architecture. GM2 also prepared and implemented a Health & Safety plan for this project.