GM2’s cadre of engineers work seamlessly to develop tailored solutions for every project. Using lessons learned and exploring new technologies, we provide sound engineering design, comprehensive construction engineering, quality survey, thorough peer reviews and effective claims mitigation and risk management.

 Alternative Delivery

With today’s technology and funding sources project construction is being accelerated and impacts on travelers and communities is being lessened. Learn More ››

 Bridge Engineering

The analysis of structural load ratings, existing condition inspections and surveys is critical to the integrity of a structure over it’s life span. Learn More ››

 Claims Mitigation & Risk Management

Whether you work for a government agency, a private contractor, or a design firm, GM2 can help you to avoid financial losses and to minimize your expenditures of time and money on disputes. Learn More ››

 Construction Engineering & Inspection

Construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services ensure the quality and performance of completed projects and proper management of design services. Learn More ››


GM2 partners with their clients and the regulatory agencies to develop the most sound solution to address environmental concerns and needs associated with their projects. Learn More ››

 Highway Engineering

Civil engineers integrate science and the natural environment to develop man-made infrastructure. Learn More ››


Hydraulic engineering, the science of water in motion, is critical to the successful design of structures. Learn More››

 Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer

GM2 has diverse experience designing stormwater management systems that meet requirements of federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as our client's needs. Learn More ››


Survey and mapping plays an integral role in site development from planning through construction. Learn More ››

 Traffic Engineering

With ever changing shifts in population and preferred modes of transportation coupled with advancing technology, today’s traffic engineers are changing too. Learn More ››