GM2’s engineers work together seamlessly to develop solutions tailored for every individual project. Using lessons learned and exploring new technologies, we provide sound designs, comprehensive construction engineering, quality surveys, thorough peer reviews, and effective risk management and claims mitigation.

MARKETS SERVICED:  Transportation | Energy | Education | Federal | Marine | Municipal Infrastructure | Private Development

 Alternative Delivery

GM2 recognizes that it is more important than ever to deliver highway and bridge projects swiftly, economically, and in compliance with contract specifications. More ››

 Bridge Engineering

From the reconstruction and replacement of transportation facilities within the country’s oldest bridge and highway system to the construction of new intermodal facilities, GM2’s structural engineers support the maintenance and growth of our infrastructure. More ››

 Building Design / Facilities

GM2 provides building design, peer review, and special inspection services. More ››

 Claims Mitigation & Risk Management

Whether you work for a government agency, a private contractor, or a design firm, GM2 can help you to avoid financial losses and to minimize your expenditures of time and money on disputes. More ››

 Construction Engineering & Inspection

Construction, Engineering & Inspection (CE&I) services help to ensure that projects are completed according to contract specifications, not only those treating the specific details and quality of construction work, but with those defining its timeliness and cost. More ››

 Geotechnical Engineering

The aim of GM2's geotechnical practice is to provide comprehensive services and therefore we build upon the initial subsurface investigation to make recommendations for the appropriate means of foundation support, predict and monitor site settlement, as well as provide geotechnical parameters necessary to design earth retaining structures, shallow foundations and pavement structures, or the need to use deep foundations. More ››


GM2 partners with our clients and with regulatory agencies so that we can develop the soundest solutions possible for protecting and preserving environmental resources that could be affected by our work, while fulfilling the needs of our clients. More ››

 Highway Engineering

Our civil engineers integrate the laws of science with a regard for the laws and resources of nature, so that we develop man-made infrastructure that will benefit our society as much as possible, but also impinge on our natural world as little as possible. More ››


GM2 hydraulics experts possess over 30 years of experience in both programming and use of USACE HEC-RAS 1-dimensional computer application software, USFHWA SRH-2D, 2-dimensional software for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and mathematical modeling. More››

 Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer

The primary aspects of stormwater management are the treatment, storage, and controlled release of stormwater runoff from new construction and redevelopment projects.  Sanitary Sewer involves planning and designing wastewater collection and treatment solutions, including gravity sewer design, small-scale onsite wastewater collection and treatment (less than 10,000 GPD), sewer pump stations, and innovative alternative treatment systems. More ››


Survey and mapping plays an integral role in site development, from planning through construction.  It serves to identify property demarcations and rights-of-way of which designers and contractors must be aware. More ››

 Traffic Engineering

GM2 provides abundant experience in traffic engineering, specializing in traffic signal design, traffic safety study, preparation of traffic reports/application for Office of State Traffic Administration (OSTA) application, traffic corridor studies and traffic operational analysis. More ››