GM2 recognizes that it is more important than ever to deliver highway and bridge projects swiftly, economically, and in compliance with contract specifications. With the goal of reducing the time and money that it takes to deliver projects to the public, the use of innovative contracting methods have spread throughout the private and public sections – methods aimed at realizing projects more safely, with fewer negative impacts on the affected communities and economies, and with no reductions in quality.

One of GM2’s strengths is its skill and experience in using Accelerated Construction techniques and processes, which can significantly reduce construction time and interference with public travel. Avoiding the risk of delays associated with the traditional Design-Bid-Build process, Design-Build project delivery can save time by overlapping design and construction phases.  It can also can save money by promoting innovation from the designer/contractor team, while also reducing risks of construction-related liability for an owner by having a single, private partnership legally responsible for both design and construction. Having partnered both with owners and with contractors under the newer kinds of project delivery schema, GM2 has developed the experience and resources needed for helping its clients to succeed when fast-track implementation is a priority.

Key Personnel 

Darren Blood, PE

Project Examples: 

US Route 4 over Bunker Creek, Durham, NH
I-95 over Oxford Street, Providence, RI 
Pease Army Reserve, Portsmouth, NH
US Route 302 over Sawyer River, Harts Location, NH