From the reconstruction and replacement of transportation facilities within the country’s oldest bridge and highway system to the construction of new intermodal facilities, GM2’s structural engineers support the maintenance and growth of our infrastructure.

Structural engineering is the backbone of GM2.  Our services encompass bridge inspection, load ratings, design of new bridges, and rehabilitation of older ones.  From designs for simple- to continuous-span bridges to designs for complex, curved steel highway structures, GM2’s structural engineers have created notable "firsts" in the world of New England transportation design.  Those have included:

-- the first fully-precast integral abutment bridge, for which GM2 used 100% prefabricated integral abutments and NEXT beams (in Buckland, MA);

-- a two-span Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) bridge, employing a common abutment (for Bassett Road over I-91 in North Haven, CT -- pictured on this page);

-- a semi-integral bridge using permanent sheet piling as the foundation and doubling as a seawall to protect the bridge against storm surges (from Harbor Road to Saugatuck Island in Westport, CT);

-- and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) repairs of deteriorated beam-ends, in consultation with the University of Connecticut and CTDOT (for I-91 over Amtrak Rail lines in New Haven, CT).

 GM2’s structural engineering personnel are licensed professional engineers and NBIS-certified inspectors.  Collectively, they've completed the inspection of over 1,000 bridges and the rehabilitation or replacement of more than 1,100 others.

GM2's bridge inspection teams are highly qualified, with an abundance of field experience and professional education and training (meeting all NBIS qualifications).  All of this helps them to move swiftly when called upon to perform such tasks as standard-cycle-frequency inspections (Routine, Complex, FCM) and Damage (Special) or Emergency-based evaluations.  They are experienced in the safe operation of all types of under-bridge inspection units and self-propelled manlifts, coordinating such work, as necessary, with traffic control suppliers and railroad flaggers.  GM2's speed in addressing client needs is aided, too, by the personal relationships that its bridge engineers have built with numerous vendors whose cooperation is critical to obtaining equipment when and as needed for the timely and seamless delivery of services.  

Key Personnel 

Jagdeesh Gopal, PE
Ron Sacchi, PE
Victor Luzhanskiy, PE
Dean Bagdasarian, PE
Faisal Aziz, PE

Project Examples: 

Bassett Road over I-91, North Haven, CT (As Shown Above)
I-91 over Amtrak Rail lines in New Haven, CT
Harbor Road to Saugatuck Island in Westport, CT