Whether you work for a government agency, a private contractor, or a design firm, GM2 can help you to avoid financial losses and to minimize your expenditures of time and money on disputes. As members of GM2 have done for many parties within all sectors of the construction world, we can help you to establish effective regulations, bid and award practices, specifications and other contract documents of all kinds; and we can help you with claims evaluation and resolution practices, including informal settlement, mediation, and strategy and preparation for arbitration or litigation. We will also soon be offering innovative methods for dispute resolution tailored to your particular needs and wishes, providing you with unprecedent savings of money, time, and effort in achieving your goals.

From design, construction, and legal perspectives, we can analyze and advise you on how best to deal with procurement issues, potential settlements, takeovers, construction disputes, political entanglements, and enforcement matters. We can provide you with effective resolution or advocacy services at any stage of a project, and even long before any particular project causes you a problem.

For GM2, what we state here are not mere claims about our abilities, but matters of record. Our staff includes professionals who have been largely responsible for the thoroughgoing reform of the Connecticut Construction Claims Statute (C.G.S. § 4-61) in 1991-92, for a number of the most important Connecticut Supreme Court decisions construing that statute, for the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Bidding and Award Manual, and for the Department’s bid and bidder review work. Members of GM2 have settled many disputes and won many cases involving millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars. The positions that they have held for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, for instance, have included Head of CTDOT’s Construction Division, District Engineer of that Division’s Districts, Head of the Department’s Construction Claims Unit, chief construction counsel for the Department (and the State of CT), Head of the Department’s Specifications Committee, and legal counsel and chief writer and editor for that Committee.

In addition, GM2 has always been a design firm of the highest caliber, offering genuine expertise on virtually any issue involving construction design. The depth of our skill, the breadth of our experience, and the range of the services that we offer make GM2 hard to match for effective risk management and claims mitigation.

Key Personnel 

Lawrence Russ, ESQ
Ken Fargnoli, PE, CCM
Jo Ann Devine, PE