Geotechnical engineering design begins with a comprehensive subsurface investigation program. GM2's geotechnical engineers understand that each site is specific and presents its own unique challenges as well as site access. Our geotechnical engineers will design a subsurface exploration program to meet the engineering needs of the project and satisfy regulatory requirements. GM2 geotechnical engineers supervise the subsurface investigation so that engineering judgement can be made in the field without causing delays to the project schedule. 

The aim of GM2's geotechnical practice is to provide comprehensive services. Therefore we build upon the initial subsurface investigation to make recommendations for the appropriate means of foundation support, predict and monitor site settlement, as well as provide geotechnical parameters necessary to design earth retaining structures, shallow foundations and pavement structures, or the need to use deep foundations. 

GM2 has provided foundation designs for all types of structures and ground conditions. Our approach to geotechnical engineering is not myopic and we collaborate with the structural and civil engineers to ensure proposed foundation solutions conform to geotechnical recommendations and achieve the project performance criteria. GM2 has experience with alternative foundation methods and construction techniques that allows us to provide our clients with more cost-effective geotechnical and foundation solutions.   

GM2 provides geotechnical engineering services for building, bridges, highways, waterfront structures, airports and temporary underground structures. Working closely with design professionals, contractors and owners, we develop state-of-the-art and cost-effective design solutions. Our geotechnical services include subsurface investigations, engineering analysis and report recommendations, detailed design and construction support. Services provided:

Subsurface Exploration Program
Deep and Shallow Foundation Analysis and Design
Support of Excavation Design
Slope Stability Analysis and Design
Soil-Structure Interaction Studies
Seismic Design 
Retaining Structures (Conventional and MSE Walls)
Waterfront Structures
Ground Improvement
Pre-Construction Conditions Survey

    Key Personnel 

    Larry Dwyer, PE

      Project Examples: 

      US Route 302 over Sawyer Creek, Hart's Location, NH