Our civil engineers integrate the laws of science with a regard for the laws and resources of nature, so that we develop man-made infrastructure that will benefit our society as much as possible, but also impinge on our natural world as little as possible.

GM2’s highway design work helps to speed and safeguard our travel, and to connect our communities.  Partnering with municipalities, state Departments of Transportation, regional agencies, and private developers, we generate and evaluate engineering scenarios in order to shape context-sensitive solutions with little or no detriments for society or the environment.

GM2’s civil engineering services include creating designs and plans for road and highway rehabilitation or construction; grading; drainage and storm water management; repair or establishment of utilities; soil erosion control; obtaining or amendment of permits; and construction administration.  GM2’s ability to provide comprehensive site and civil engineering allows clients to progress seamlessly from design through construction to project completion.

Key Personnel 

Darren Blood, PE
Tony Margiotta, PE
Richard Armstrong

Project Examples: 

CTDOT I91/691 Route 15, Meriden, CT (As Shown Above)
On-Call Highway & Bridge Engineering, Statewide, MA
I-95 Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation & Safety Improvements, Greenwich-Stamford, CT