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Hydraulic engineering, the science of water in motion, is critical to the successful design of structures. Planning and managing the flow and distribution of water greatly impacts the final design, maintenance and lifespan of a structure as well as the safety of the surrounding community.GM2 employs a hydraulic team that possesses more than twenty years of work experience throughout New England.  The staff is certified in WMS (Hydrological and Flood Plain mapping software) and SMS (2D-Unsteady Flow Analysis). GM2 offers strong capabilities in hydrology, hydraulic modeling, scour analysis, flood plain mapping, and regulatory permitting. Our regulatory experience includes: Flood Management Certification, Stream Channel Encroachment Permits, Stormwater Discharge General Permits, Coastal Consistency Reviews, and Inland Wetland and Watercourses Permits (both State and Local), ACOE Programatic, General Permits CAT I &II, 401 / 404 Water Quality Certification, FEMA LOMR/ CLOMR.