Hydrologic, Hydraulic, FEMA Floodway, and Scour analyses for bridge and stream channel designs are performed for both inland and tidal environments. As part of any riverine or tidal construction project, all environmental requirements are adhered to and all federal, state, local permits and regulatory approvals are obtained. 

Highway and roadway construction projects also include specialized hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for roadside drainage designs. GM2 engineers possesses over 30 years of experience in both programming and use of USACE HEC-RAS 1-dimensional computer application software as well as USFHWA SRH-2D, 2-dimensional software for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, as well as mathematical modeling.

Project Examples:

Grand Avenue Bridge over Quinnipiac River, New Haven, CT (As Shown Above)

Nannaquaket Road over Beattie Brook, Tiverton, RI

Reconstruction of Route 123A over Bowers Brook, Acworth, NH

Railroad Ave over Cattle Pass, North Kingstown, RI