GM2 has diverse experience designing stormwater management systems that meet the requirements of federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as our client’s needs. We recognize that each project is unique due to location, physical constraints, and work proposed albeit stormwater regulations, policies, and guidelines can be complex and evolving. Our clients include homeowners, land developers, and municipal and state agencies. This recognition results in a completed project which fulfills the needs of our clients and helps protect the environment.  

The primary aspects of stormwater management are the treatment, storage, and controlled release of stormwater runoff from new construction and redevelopment projects. The critical elements of any stormwater management system design are Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques such as deep sump and hooded catch basins, vegetated swales, and bio-filtration basins which reduce pollutants prior to storage and controlled stormwater release.

GM2 is able to provide our clients with comprehensive stormwater management system designs and accompanying operation and maintenance procedures. Our clients can feel confident that they have clear direction on how to maintain the stormwater management system after construction. A properly installed stormwater management system coupled with effective operation and maintenance procedures, results in the minimization or elimination of downstream flooding impacts due to development and stormwater quality that meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements.


Sanitary Sewer

GM2 has experience in planning and designing wastewater collection and treatment solutions which includes gravity sewer design, small-scale onsite wastewater collection and treatment (less than 10,000 GPD), sewer pump stations, and innovative alternative treatment systems. Our clients have ranged from homeowners to residential and commercial developers. 


Our clear understanding of local, state, and federal laws and regulations allows us to accurately evaluate and advise our clients on the most fitting options available for their project requirements. Whether new construction or a rehabilitation project, GM2 designs reflect a cost-effective solution.