Alan Gerwig, PE

Senior Vice President, Transportation

Mr. Gerwig brings over 40 years of experience encompassing an extensive background in the design and preparation of civil/site and structural projects. His experience ranges from civil site development, municipal infrastructure design, industrial buildings, marine structures, waterfront structures, traffic signal support structures, highway bridges, box culverts, and retaining walls, sea walls and bulkheads.

Alan understands the expectations of clients and commits to seeing that every project has the resources necessary to be completed successfully, on time and within budget.

His core experience includes but is not limited to: design of highway bridges and civil structures, design of boardwalks, design of cantilevered overhead signs, design of stromwater pump stations, environmental permitting, stormwater management, design of water and sewer systems including sanitary sewer lift stations, design of canal crossing structures (culverts, headwalls, utility), major water control structure design for SFWMD and LWDD, and highway bridge renovation.