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About Us

GM2 Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive consulting engineering services to municipal, state, federal, and private clients for projects within vertical and transportation environments.



GM2’s team of engineers work seamlessly together to develop solutions tailored for each particular project.  In learning from the past while also exploring new technologies, we provide sound engineering designs to meet the needs of our clients and our fellow citizens.



The diversity of GM2’s projects provides our engineers with a wide spectrum of knowledge about numerous sites for present and possible construction.  This breadth of knowledge helps our team to develop fresh ideas.  At the same time that we engineer for the details, we keep in mind the bigger picture, so that we can better help our clients succeed.


Providing creative and prudential engineering solutions to New England since 1988.

Creating a better way forward

Take a look at our Careers page; GM2 staff are passionate about their work. They believe in the services they provide and have a vested interest in the success of the company.  

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