Richard T. Geikie, SMCE

In memory of Richard T. Geikie, born April 5, 1946, left us on April 15, 2020.  A dear friend, colleague, mentor, father, husband, and humanitarian.  Richard fought complications from the COVID-19 valiantly for 22 days.  Thank you for keeping his family in your prayers. 

“...whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life...” – John 5:24 NIV


In Loving Memory of Rich from your friends at GM2

Oh such a tragic loss for Rich’s family, friends and his GM2 colleagues. He was a true gentleman. My deepest sympathies. God bless you Rich.
Sincerely, Fred Vincent

This is devastating. Rich was a wonderful Person. God bless you Rich.
Sincerely, Pratik

I know absolutely that Rich is in heaven. Please pray for his family especially his wife. Pray for us too. We will all miss him and his generous spirit.
Ken Fargnoli

So tragic moment for all of us. May his soul Rest In Peace in heaven. God please provide strength and support to his family.
Shobha Subedi

This is just heart wrenching.  May God welcome Rich's soul into Heaven and give his family much needed comfort during this tragic time.  Please, everyone, continue to take care of yourself and your families.
Paul Brand

Truly devastating news. Extending my heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences to his wife, children, and all of us.
his GM2 family

Rich was not only a valuable and highly respected member of our team, but also a mentor and friend. May we remember that he is now watching over us from Heaven. God Bless Rich and may he rest in peace.
Emily Fredette-Chitas

Sorry to hear about Rich - I was hoping for the best in his recovery.  I learned a lot from Rich in the past year and a great to work with.
Peter Tetreault

Working with Rich so closely the past three years I came to know just what a terrific person he was.  He had so many wonderful traits and a kind heart.  I considered him not just a colleague and confidant but a very good friend. I will really miss him.  I will continue to pray for his family. Please everyone take care of yourselves and your families. We now all know firsthand how devastating this virus can be. Best to everyone.
Drew Colburn

Rich had a zest for life that was contagious.  He loved life and enjoyed to the fullest.  Despite the many challenges that he faced, he always remained positive in his outlook.  He loved the people that he knew, and we loved him. A life well lived, may we all be so lucky. 
Lew Cannon

This is tragic news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. It is so sad they were not able to be with him during his hospitalization and those final moments.

I did not know Rich as well as some of you, but I will miss his cheerful personality and the positive energy he always shared whenever we were together. May He Rest in Peace.
Alan Small

I'm shaken to the core! Although I only met Rich a couple of times, his warm spirit shined through. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family in this time of pain. He now peacefully rests at the foot of God.
John Ossa & Family

Very sad news. We all felt that Rich was on the way to recovery and that we would be seeing him soon. Rich was a real nice guy, always said hi and always had a good word. He will certainly be missed. My condolences and prayers go to his family during his struggle and at his loss.
Vin Avino

Having known Rich for a short time, he seemed like a genuinely good person. He will be truly missed. Prayers for him and his family.
Ronald Sacchi

Although I never met Rich and have only worked here a short time, I can see he was well liked and loved by many people, I am sure he is in a better place, prayers to his family and friends.
Brian Gustafson

What sad, disheartening news.  I had hoped he was through the worst of it and was about to recover... it's just so tragic; he seemed so close to recovery.

I only worked with Rich sporadically about a year ago, but his wit, demeanor, and warmth instantly made me feel comfortable.  He knew his stuff and was friendly and approachable.  You could tell he was a good man and had a sense of humor and energy about him.

What a loss for his family, and for our GM2 family.  My wife and I will be keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully when the restrictions on being in groups are over, GM2 can do something nice for him - a remembrance event, planting a tree with a plaque, or something like that. Take care everyone,
David Hines

How heartbreaking for Rich's wife and family that he should go just when he seemed to be coming out of it.  I thought that in light of the medical signs and his faith, he would be rising at Easter.  And I guess that he did, but not in the way that we all hoped.  I'm going to miss our talks, even the ones about troubles, and I'm going to miss his wise-ass remarks - I suppose it's possible, but I can't believe I was the only one to benefit from his mischief.  I'm sure that when we come back, I'll expect (wishfully) to see his head pop through my door at any minute.  While Rich likely no longer needs any prayers, I pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen the loved ones suffering from his loss.  Take care of yourselves everyone.  With blessings,
Larry Russ

I agree with all your remembrances of Rich’s humor and ability to brighten a day. I will miss stopping by his office to discuss our love of travel and planning adventures, he certainly had more than his share of stories.

A few years ago Madan assumed I played golf, and had me play at a DOT tournament in a GM2 mixed foursome. I am not a golfer, and it was my birthday. Rich somehow found out and presented me with a golf glove as a gift. Although none of my shots were even close to being the best ball, he was encouraging and made it a memorable day.

Our prayers will continue for his family, and I look forward to celebrating his life when we can all be together again. Please stay safe,
Jo Ann Devine

I'm devastated by the news, especially give the progress he appeared to be making these last few days. Rich was a good person, always with a smile and ready to engage in humor. We have lost a dear friend and colleague, who touched our hearts and shall be sorely missed.

I know Rich was a man of great faith. So let us continue to pray for his grieving family, as a way to honor his memory and provide spiritual support. Take care.
Sebby – Sebastian Sbalcio

During my first or second week of joining GM2 while I was eating my lunch (cultural food of Ethiopia) , I remember Rich telling me about the different traditional foods from other countries that he enjoys eating. As he was speaking, I saw a friendly, welcoming and embracing person. More importantly, I saw that kind heart of Rich trying to make me feel at home! You are kind!  Rest in peace! and my condolences to your families!

Having been here at GM2 for a short time I did not know Rich as well as most of you.  However I had the pleasure of meeting Rich several time and my initial impression was that he was truly a gentleman and a scholar.  Then I discovered we both had a passion for skiing and Rich told me of some of his ski trips to Austria.  We were planning to organize a GM2 ski trip next year.  I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to get to know Rich better.  My condolences to his family as I will keep them in my thought and prayers.
Bill Fall

He was always warm and welcoming to me and would always take time to talk or have a laugh.  I send my condolences to his family and can say that his presence will certainly be missed.
Dan Brown

Devastating news..... May his soul rest in peace and God give strength to his family. Will never forget the many conversations we had about his times in MIT. Will definitely miss him showing up at my office (mostly looking for Jag). He recently gave me one of his old engineering mechanics books which I will treasure.

I only had a few conversation with Rich but each of them make me say WOW to myself. His stories, his life, his past, his present, etc. is so impressive. I wanted to say to him that you are like a 007 agent in engineering. He was such a wonderful, funny and kind person. REST IN PEACE.

May Rich’s wife and his family get strength in this difficult moment remembering all the good things that Rich did to fulfill his purpose on Earth. What an inspiring way to live, born on April 5 and left us to be with God on April 15 fully living everyday for 74 years of life being there in office till March 20. One of the incident I remember of Rich is long back when I was in Glastonbury office, I had shortened my hair and when Rich saw me from far, he gestured with his hand that I did cut my hair short. I was surprised and smiled him back that he noticed it too. Best Regards,

I hadn’t the pleasure of meeting Rich until I joined GM2 less than 2 years ago.  I quickly learned how both helpful and friendly he was.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know "Rich Sr."  Such a gentle, warm, thoughtful man.  No doubt Rich is in a heavenly place at peace.  My thoughts are with Rich’s friends, colleagues, and especially his family.

I am just numb with the news of Richard’s passing. So, so sad, always believing he would beat the virus, because he was a pillar of strength and perseverance.  I didn’t know Richard that long (almost 4 years), but his infectious personality won me over quickly.  Remembering all those things that made him so special:  his mischievous nature, his smile, his exuberance, his passion and gusto for life, his thoughtfulness, his kindness and his generosity.  I will never forget the time my wallet was stolen at Stop & Shop, and he insisted on giving me all the money in his pockets and wallet until I could resolve everything. Of course, I paid him back, but I will never forget this heartfelt gesture.  Richard, I toast to you with Chocolate Cello in hand; here’s to you my friend, may you rest in eternal peace. 

After reading the GM2 tributes, I regret not having known Rich.  I think we briefly met at last summer’s picnic.   It’s clear he has made a lasting impression of kindness, adventure, mentorship, family, and the value of humor on those who knew him. Not a whole lot more one can ask of someone you’d want to work with. He lived life as we can only hope and for that he will be missed but celebrated.
Larry Dwyer

I couldn't let COVID-19 make Rich's death just another part of the statistics.  Rich was a son, husband, father, grandfather and a co-worker.  His presence will be missed. I'll miss sharing lunch with him and him sharing his home made Limon cello and working with him.  May his family be blessed with may fond memories to comfort them as they adjust to their loss.  RIP RICH!!!