Hero Boxes is Shipping now for a Spring Delivery!

In mid November of 2019, GM2 teamed up with Karen Cote, founder of Hero Boxes in Berlin, CT to help sponsor her effort of supplying troops over seas with essential items needed in the field. Items such as socks, soap, baby wipes and non perishable snacks were collected and donated early February of 2020 to help supplement the nearly 400 box delivery she had planned for Spring. In addition, over $800 was given to Karen's Organization to be used to purchase extra items and help pay for shipping costs. GM2 is honored to be able to help Karen and will continue to do so. 

Karen along with a community of volunteers are motivated to get these boxes out to our men and women in the armed forces who are sometimes forgotten about in the main stream media. This is an effort that GM2 can really get behind because it is a thankless responsibility that Karen and her team have undertaken. Hero Boxes started with a need for that home connection through a care package. It all started when Karen's son was deployed to Kuwait in 2015. He asked for a box of items and she decided that the whole unit could benefit from receiving a care box. Since then she has been dedicating her time to keep a steady stream of packages going to different units in need of a moral boost. Click here to Visit HEROBOXES and learn more! Pictured below is Karen and her Husband Cliff who is also a Veteran.