Rehabilitation of the Arrigoni Bridge Over the Connecticut River

The Arrigoni Bridge is twin-span tied arch bridge, 3,428 feet in total length and of that, 2,108 feet are the approach bridge structures. The construction plans called for the existing concrete deck slab to be replaced with a precast concrete slab, and to be placed in three construction phases. The precast deck slab was to be grouted together with ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) infill pours between the longitudinal and transverse joints of the precast panels. While this accelerated bridge construction technique would have worked well if the slab was being replaced under live traffic, it was being replaced behind traffic barrier. With this methodology, there were several constructability issues with working with UHPC, including having to heat materials during placement and the grouted UHPC joints during curing in cold weather. GM2 worked with UConn in the development of UHPC for bridge repairs. Have a question on UHPC? Reach out!