Boulderwood Subdivision

Client: City of Peabody

Construction Cost: $100M

Key Facts:

  • Construction Inspection
  • Utilities Inspection
  • Stormwater Management Assistance

Boulderwood is a large-scale single-family home development. The project includes over 100 house lots, over 8,000 feet of new roadway, a water tower, and an extensive storm water control system.

The development is located on a hilltop in South Peabody and extends into the City of Lynn.

GM2 was contracted to provide inspectional services during the construction phase of the project. The scope of work entailed inspecting the roadway back-filling and compaction procedures for the sub-base and paving courses, and the installation and back-filling procedures for water, sewer and drainage utilities.

Due to the project’s need for extensive blasting and on-site processing of material, particular attention was paid to the material used for the roadway sub-base to ensure the material was well graded.