Bridge Preservation/Rehabilitation Contract, CTDOT Districts III & IV

Client: CTDOT

Construction Cost: $10 Million

Key Facts:

  • Comprehensive Engineering Design Services
  • 16 Bridges - Varying Types
  • Innovations includeCathodic Protection, Strategic Use of Membrane Waterproofing, Carbon Fiber Wrap Repairs
  • Coordination with 3 Different Railroads

GM2 provided design services for the rehabilitation of 16 bridges. Design services include developing repair details for concrete, decks, joints, bearings, supporting design analysis and calculations, developing maintenance and protection of traffic plans and provisions to support the corrective work, preparation of permit applications, and coordination with utility companies. Additional services to CTDOT include assisting in performing DEEP LEAN Meeting, public outreach, town roads meetings, Categorical Exclusion documentation, and preparation of  Environmental Review Forms. Services during construction include assisting in the evaluation of the actual extent of concrete and structural steel removal and the required repairs for each bridge by the contractor. (Pictured: I-84 over Route 6 & SR531, Farmington, CT)