Harbor Road Bridge To Saugatuck Island

Client: Town of Westport

Construction Cost: $1.9 Million

Key Facts:

  • First of its Kind Steel Sheet Piling Abutments Serving as Substructure and a Seawall
  • Value Engineering Resulted in 8% Cost Savings
  • Significant Geometric Site Constraints
  • Sensitive Tidal Area
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection Services
  • Public Outreach

Saugatuck Island can only be accessed by Harbor Road bridge or Canal Road, which was prone to flooding. The existing bridge, not capable of carrying truck traffic, would frequently cut off the island from emergency access. GM2’s design was comprised of a shallow, 28-inch deep, 96-foot single span galvanized steel girder superstructure, composite with a concrete deck supported directly on semi-integral permanent steel sheet piling abutments that serve as substructure and seawall.


ACEC Engineering Excellence Award Recipient - Structural Systems Category