I-84/Route 8 Mixmaster Rehabilitation

Client: CTDOT

Construction Cost: $157 Million

Key Facts:

  • Construction of 3 Temporary Bridges
  • Rehabilitation of 10 Highway Bridges
  • 5 Spans of Exodermic Deck
  • Day & Night Inspection
  • Public Outreach Program

GM2 is providing construction engineering and inspection services for this complex rehabilitation project; it entailed the construction of three temporary bridges, two over water and one over a local roadway; the conversion of a one-way road to a bi-directional road; and the rehabilitation of 10 bridges.  The project involves complex maintenance and protection of traffic requirements including the construction of a temporary bypass roadway for Route 8 NB, the development of a U-turn roadway to accommodate highway traffic when interchange ramps are closed for rehabilitation and the selective use of temporary movable barrier to improve safety and facilitate bridge rehabilitation production during night time lane closures.  Typical rehabilitation work involves both superstructure/substructure repairs and reconstruction. Common superstructure repairs include stripping the existing overlay, rehabilitation of the concrete bridge decks with partial and full depth patching, placement of new waterproofing membrane and overlay, steel repairs to mitigate corrosion and re-establish section loss, and bridge bearing/expansion joint replacement. Common substructure repairs include abutment/pier Class S Concrete patching.