I-91/I-691/Route 15 Interchange Improvements

Client: CTDOT

Construction Cost: $100-150 Million

Key Facts:

  • 7-miles of Highway
  • 39 Intersections
  • Services: Highway & Bridge Design; Hydraulics; Maintenance & Protection of Traffic; Public Outreach; Construction Staging; and Cost Estimating

GM2 is a key member of a consultant team retained by CTDOT to provide an in-depth needs and deficiencies study, alternatives analysis, NEPA/CEPA documentation, and Preliminary and Final Design for the reconfiguration of the I-91, I-691 and Route 15 Interchange in Meriden. 

GM2 systematically identified and analyzed the existing operational and safety problems; led the development of four major full-build design alternatives with variations within each; and developed a set of smaller, incremental improvement alternatives to provide CTDOT with the option to implement independent improvements over a longer period of time.