I-95 Over Noosneck Hill Road (Baker Pines Bridge No. 593) - Design-Build

Client: RIDOT

Construction Cost: $6.9M

Key Facts:

  • Highway Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Drainage Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Utilities
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Public Outreach
  • Construction Phase Services

Originally constructed in 1966, the Baker Pines Bridge carries Interstate Route 95 northbound and southbound over Nooseneck Hill Road (RI Route 3) in the Town of Richmond. The bridge is a single span structure spanning approximately 86 feet. The original structure was comprised of steel stringers with a composite concrete deck supported on two concrete cantilever-type abutments. The new superstructure, also comprised of steel stringers and a composite concrete deck, is supported on the existing abutments which have been rehabilitated with the addition of precast concrete beam seats and a cast-in-place concrete facing.

The new bridge was constructed utilizing accelerated bridge techniques. The superstructure stringers and deck were fabricated offsite to form ten prefabricated bridge units (PBUs). Each PBU consisted of two stringers connected to each other by steel diaphragms and topped with a reinforced concrete deck. When set in position at the bridge site, adjacent PBUs were connected to each other by steel diaphragms and a 9-inch closure pour in the deck utilizing ultra-high-performance concrete. Concrete parapets with steel railing were constructed in the field utilizing conventional techniques.

The structure was designed by Gordon R. Archibald, Inc., now GM2, as part of a design-build partnership with the John Rocchio Corporation.  The bridge design was completed in 2018 on schedule and within the design budget of the design-build bid. Construction was completed in the spring of 2021.