Old Kings Highway North Bridge over I-95

Client: CTDOT

Construction Cost: $5.5 Million

Key Facts:

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • PBUs
  • Innovative approaches to ensure a square PBU fit within a substructure that was not square
  • Maintenance & Protection of Traffic

Due to the high volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the bridge and below on I-95, the maintenance and protection of traffic was critical to the success of this project. GM2 responded by designing two simply supported prefabricated bridge unit (PBU) spans, comprised of weathering steel beams and a reinforced concrete deck for this full superstructure replacement project. The deck joint over the pier was replaced with a link slab connection and the tops of the existing abutments and pier were modified to accommodate the new superstructure. To meet current design standards, the vertical clearance on I-95 was raised from 14’-8” to 16’-3”. This required increasing the roadway profile of Old Kings Highway North and considerable drainage modifications.