Pacific Mills Mixed-Use Development

Client: Brady Sullivan Properties

Construction Cost: $50M

Key Facts:

  • Civil/Site Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Transportation Planning
  • Stormwater Management
  • Survey

Pacific Mills was incorporated in 1853. The number of buildings, sizes and uses has changed throughout its history. This will again be the case. At present, the Mill's 700,000 square feet of floor space is used as office and commercial space. The ultimate plan for the property is to bring it to its highest and most efficient use, therefore, converting the existing mixed-use site into mainly residential use with 345 new residential units, as well as new office space and restaurant use. 

GM2 provided technical expertise in survey, civil, environmental and transportation planning and engineering. The scope of work entailed stormwater management systems, water, sewer, electrical transformer pad and telephone control box, as well as limits of paving, landscaping and dimensions of parking area. GM2 prepared drainage computations for pre- and post-development conditions (site specific only) for the two-, ten-, and 100-year 24-hour duration storm. Said computations were used for grading, drainage and stormwater mitigation design and submitted to the City of Lawrence. All stormwater management facilities were sized, including particle separators and storage tanks. GM2 evaluated the utilities relative to the new-use and reconnecting to utilizing existing components where feasible. In collaboration with a local landscape architect, a landscape plan was developed showing to help separate residential and commercial areas and identify pedestrian space.