Reconstruction of Route 1

Client: NHDOT

Construction Cost: $7.2 Million

Key Facts:

  • Bridge Superstructure Replacement
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Maintenance & Protection of Traffic
  • Safety Improvements
  • NEPA Documentation

GM2 is currently engaged for the Preliminary Design and NEPA documentation for Reconstruction of US Route 1, the North Road Intersections, and the bridge carrying US Route 1 over the former B&M Railroad in North Hampton. The scope of work includes approximately 1200 feet of roadway reconstruction on US Route 1, relocation of the North Road intersections, roadway design, drainage design, bridge design and ROW research and delineation services. Determining the existing ROW limits of the two roadways as well as the railroad was necessary to accurately quantify acquisitions that may take place as the project progresses. Each abutting parcel was researched individually to ensure existing easements were known and seamlessly incorporated into the design. The research yielded many easements abutting the highway that were granted to the State for future corridor development as part of a prior approval process.