Reconstruction of Route 123A over Bowers Brook

Client: NHDOT

Construction Cost: $3 Million

Key Facts:

  • 21-Day Accelerated Bridge Construction Schedule
  • Historic District
  • NEPA Documentation
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Temporary Detour (Public/Private Land)
  • Public Outreach Program

With a 21-day accelerated bridge construction schedule, GM2 designed a replacement structure comprised of precast prestressed concrete deck beams, abutments and footings. The prestressing in the deck beams was optimized to reduce camber and minimize differential camber between adjacent deck beams to ensure no delays in the concrete overlay placement. The brush curbs were precast onto the exterior deck beams to eliminate casting during a construction closure period. The precast footing sections were detailed to simplify fabrication and installation. Bearing plates were designed for the footing leveling screws to eliminate penetration of the leveling screws into the structural fill which expedited the leveling process. Properly leveled footings made installation of the abutment wall sections uncomplicated and expeditious.


ACEC Engineering Excellence Award Recipient