Route 31 Culvert Replacement

Client: CTDOT

Construction Cost: $800K

Key Facts:

  • Structural Engineering

Four culverts on Route 31, adjacent to the Bidwell Tavern, needed to be reconfigured as part of the Route 31 improvements project. The culverts, comprised of concrete pipes, were located under Route 31 and under a parking lot to the south of Route 31. Challenges within this project include the close proximity of historic buildings and limited space accessible to facilitate construction between the spillway and existing foundations. The replacement and reconfiguring of these culverts through the area was part of a larger Route 31 improvements project under the direction of the CTDOT. 

GM2’s replacement design entailed a new culvert and an open concrete spillway channel with a very complex layout that involved a very complex construction staging and water handling sequence. This context sensitive design incorporated aesthetic treatments for the retaining wall, stone lining in the channel and scour pools to accommodate fish, accommodations for pedestrian recreation adjacent to the spillway channel and installation of 4 culverts that inlet and outlet into to and from the spillway channel.


2018 CSCE Transportation Award