Solar Photovoltaic Projects

Client: Lodestar Energy

Key Facts:

  • Site Engineering
  • Stormwater Management
  • Survey

Provided land surveying and engineering design services for the construction of large, ground-based photovoltaic solar array and associated infrastructure at the site of a former golf driving range in Ashland and off Willow Avenue in Haverhill.

The Ashland project involved the design of erosion control measures to protect resource areas from contamination during construction. The Scope included preparation of a Stormwater Analysis/Operation and Maintenance report and instituted low-impact development stormwater management measures - including grassed swales and rain gardens - to mitigate off-site flows and allow for groundwater recharge. Site grading and access road design were included. Additionally, a Notice of Intent and Site Plan Review applications was filed.

In Haverhill, Lodestar Energy was teamed with to provide a conceptual layout for the solar photovoltaic panel layout, site access and accessory structures supporting the facility. This conceptual-level design confirmed that the solar array could be accommodated on the site, given the wetland and slope constraints. GM2 also assisted with permitting for the site, which consists of 113.61 acres with access from Presidential Drive. The design maintained 25 acres of clearing and kept panels out of the 100-foot wetland buffer line.