Variable Message Sign Systems

Client: CTDOT

Key Facts:

  • Developed Innovative Articulating Support to Adjust Tilt of VMS
  • Developed Side-Mounted Closed-Box VMS System
  • Cantilever & Overhead VMS Support Structures Arm Lengths Ranging from 20FT - 50FT
  • Performed Peer Review of Walk-in Cabinet (Daktronics)

GM2 developed standard designs for Variable Message Systems (VMS) support structures (cantilever, overhead and pedestal mounted) to suit a variety of roadway geometries and geotechnical conditions including bridge trusses. Extensive finite element methods were employed to design the new systems in accordance with AASHTO Specifications for Sign Supports and Luminaires and worked closed with the CTDOT to establish and standardize the connection and maintenance details and specifications for these systems. GM2 has been responsible for the structural rating and condition inspection of hundreds of VMS and static sign support systems throughout the State of Connecticut.